Title of the project: Hybrid
Because nothing says more of the intelligence of the human being than the hability of fixing things.
My craft skills are barely noticeable and i can hardly fix things when they break.
I've always admired the hability other peolpe have to see the potencial value in something that was already discarded by others.
The ultimate expression of that force of will is the car customizing. This "hobby" has been around from a long time ago and shows great skills and a neat mix between knowledge and imagination.
Since i'm not able of do in it "analogically", i will pay homage digitally to that activity.
So, this project will be about an old muscle car turned into a "kind of" hot rod. I know i'm starting a bit late. But i hope it will be time enough to show some fun CGI.
Thank you for watching!
This project begins on 10/08/2019
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